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The Japanese denim brand which I founded by Tatsuya Ouchi in 1999. The origin of the brand name is will of "the dyeing" by pronunciation of Japanese. I pay attention to a denim material made in Japan where I applied a technique of the indigo dyeing to and, for the world, suggest a novel fashion by the manufacturing utilized the material characteristic. SOMET Like the letter you read, SOMET means “dyed". Focusing on Japan's dyeing technology, especially the indigo dye denim applied to the top in the world, the fact that it is launching fashion to the whole world by making materials making full use of its material properties. It began to develop in Europe and North America markets since 2000 and it got a lot of attention in the country now, but it can be said as a reverse importing route as it is. Various details such as original buttons, motifs hidden rivets, Salvage, which are motifs of chrysanthemum which is a traditional national flower of Japan, leads to further high evaluation. Products using 13.8 - 14.5 oz of denim material which increased the content of this indigo are confident of SOMET.

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