SPOOL by Nihon Home Spun
classic collection

The first by which homespun is a tweed. The name of the wool by which a hand spun wool at a house. Hokkaido wool is imported from the United Kingdom into 1868-1912 through a Japanese government, and where it's cool and has low humidity, Iwate and Nagano, culture of a sheep was recommended as a farmer. Domestic wool introduced this technology more than Scotland, and was made, but it wasn't produced by lack of a successor any more at Hokkaido and Nagano, and even home Scotland couldn't use any more this method, and I declined. " Japanese homespun" in Iwate" inherits hand spinning and homespun technology even at present, spreads the name among the world in the world and has come only in it. The high rarity and design are also used for the luxurious brand of the world at present.

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